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Fear or Love for God

Hi this is for those who have so much fear in God and have been spamming my facebook and trying to crash my website....  You mentioned I fear Jesus I was laughing till tears roll... my beliefs has nothing to do with you and vice versa.. best part is you are the one who pray to the Gods that you fear and think that the rest of us who are not in your beliefs systems have same fear and we will go to hell.  Kindly note that this is base on your beliefs systems and not mine....  I find it very funny when I dun even resonate to whatever your beliefs systems and as far as I know I have never impose my beliefs on anyone neither did I go to your website , facebook or in any other ways to push my ideas or promote my products and services to you.  You guys are the one curious enough to drop by and spamming on my site... you should reflect on your own behaviour and beliefs.. All religion teaches Love so where is yours?

If God loves us as his Child so why should a Parent be punishing their kids by sending them to burn in Hell.   LOL

** Remember Jesus forgives you and still loves you even though you judge me...  LOVE you guys as you have play your role well...

Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — February 24, 2017

My Youtube Interview

My youtube interview with Luke... I find mediumship and mok mok not frightening but doing this interview is unnerving as I am not comfortable speaking in front of the cameras and public. Thank you Luke ( care bear ) for your kind patience.

Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — February 24, 2015

Masters of the Spirit World

Masters of the Spirit World; https://www.mastersofthespiritworld.com/  this is one of the website that I chance upon when I just started to discover Spirituality.  The information provided is channeled from a group of senior spirit guides who live at Home ( fifth dimension).

I must admit, I was initially very taken back by the information given on this website; many of which are against what I was taught and brought up with but as I continue my thirst for information on what we are here for, our life path...  many of the information given in this website begin to resonate with me.  I bought some of their books and these have further enlighten me on my spiritual path and help me to have better understanding about the world around us.

If you have any questions about life and why things happen, besides reading from this site, you can always write to them. Another source of information which you can also visit is the facebook, you can post short questions to them, daily questions and answers are posted.  Just click like on their facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reincarnation-Guide/137191392985848

Humans are born here with free will, and should you feel any discomfort or it does not resonate with you regarding my website recommendations pls note that you have a choice and click out from them.  FREE WILL.

Wishing you abundance and spiritual wisdom always.


Written by Qi Andathul - Qi New Age Healing — September 18, 2013