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Taking care of your Orgones

*  try to keep your orgones away from direct sunlight for a long periods of time, many of these crystals, gemstones can fade.  The resin may also change in color in direct harsh UV sunlight.

*  if you are placing these orgone in the gardens, try to keep them in the shade.

*  keep away from  high heat, including next to heating vents, window sills, hot oven or in a hot car.

*  try not to leave the orgones sitting in water for too long as the water may have chlorine which may damage the surface.

*  Orgones can be washed carefully under running water.

*  clean the orgone with soft cloth with no harsh chemicals.  Chlorine, bleach, alcohol, turpentine, acetone and ammonia can cause harm to the orgone.  Dry gently using a soft cloth.

*  may be cleansed with sage or the moonlight.

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Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — October 09, 2015

Activating your crystals

Bring all your cleanse crystals together; close your eyes and concentrate on the crystals.  See them surrounded by bright white light....  Ask your crystals to tune into your own frequency and be activated as healers as when you require and ask the crystals to be blessed by the highest energies from the Universe and may these crystals be used for your own healings.

** I program these crystals be used the highest good of all and assist in the healings for me.

Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — July 24, 2015

Cleansing your crystals

There are several ways in cleansing our crystals though some crystals need no cleansing as the crystal itself do not absorb energies or are able to self cleanse.  

One of the most common ways of cleansing the crystals is to hold them under running water for few minutes. After which then place them next to the window for the sun or full moon to re charge.  Alternate you can light up a white tea candle, visualise white light radiating down and around the crystals.

It is very important to have your crystals cleansed after healing.

Take note: Some crystals like Selenite are to avoid water.

Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — July 22, 2015