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Lemurian Quartz Crystals

Lemurian quartz crystal is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilisation of Lemuria.

When you are using these stones... and you make a connection with them... you feel like you are being transported back to an ancient time.

More and more of these crystals are being brought to light ... and the need for the average person to use them is also becoming evident.

Lemurian Quartz crystal are also known as Lemurian Seed crystals and are mainly found in Brazil... although there have been more and more pieces being found elsewhere. These locations include various areas of the Himalayas including Tibet, Russia, Zambia and the USA.

** My girlfriend and I have used the Lemurian crystals by placing them under our pillows during our sleep... Both of us have almost identical dreams of being transported back to the past seeing ancient Lemurian and Egypt; after which we were brought to a cave and was introduce to many other beautiful crystals.  It was a Amazing experience.  We found out about our similar dreams when we were having a group discussions.




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