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*  try to keep your orgones away from direct sunlight for a long periods of time, many of these crystals, gemstones can fade.  The resin may also change in color in direct harsh UV sunlight.

*  if you are placing these orgone in the gardens, try to keep them in the shade.

*  keep away from  high heat, including next to heating vents, window sills, hot oven or in a hot car.

*  try not to leave the orgones sitting in water for too long as the water may have chlorine which may damage the surface.

*  Orgones can be washed carefully under running water.

*  clean the orgone with soft cloth with no harsh chemicals.  Chlorine, bleach, alcohol, turpentine, acetone and ammonia can cause harm to the orgone.  Dry gently using a soft cloth.

*  may be cleansed with sage or the moonlight.

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Written by Qi Andathul Qi New Age Healing — October 09, 2015


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