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Trolleite Crescent Moon - The Ascension Crystal * rare

Trolleite pocket size *small easy to carry around and hold it for meditation

Trolleite Quartz- It connects to your deep cellular memories of your life’s journey. Calming and soothing in times of crisis and when the negative memories slowly come to the surface from the past. Holding this stone when meditating will deepen you to your inner self. Helps you to let go of old fears and gives you insights to the answers of why and how to move on, eases tension, anger, apathy and sorrow.

Trolleite is also quick to release negative feelings such as anger, rage, frustration and hurt as it works to support us in achieving mental clarity, a calm energy system and emotional balance. The energy is both strong, yet blissfully and deeply connected at the same time. 

Trolleite is an ascension crystal, packed with power & excellent for manifesting. It can assist in creating exciting opportunities & transforms fear into beautiful expression. This is a perfect crystal for all healers & light workers, it can activate all energy centres & light channels, opening divine connection to increase metaphysical abilities.

Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral that is unusually hard, usually found in massive translucent light green to bluish green. It was discovered in 1868 and named by Blomstrand in 1869 to honour Swedish chemist Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister. Trolleite was initially thought to exist only in Sweden but recently it has been discovered in Australia, Rwanda, Brazil and the USA. Trolleite is often associated with other phosphate minerals such as augelite, lazulite and scorzalite, the later often resulting in a very blue colour.

Source: EarthCrystals; SerendipityCrystals 

** sold by per piece estimated 10~15gm 35x20mm

* we will randomly pick for you

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