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Staurolite Fairy Cross 116g 65x55mm * from Russia

STAUROLITE FAIRY CROSS - Brown glassy mineral that occurs as hexagonal prisms often twinned in the shape of a cross. It consists of a silicate of aluminium and iron

Staurolite: Known as the Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross, Staurolite was believed to be formed from tears the fairies shed when they heard the news of Christ's death. It is traditionally known as a protective stone and a talisman for good luck. Staurolite enhances and strengthens rituals and is said to be used in white magic ceremonies. It is said to access the ancient wisdom of the Middle East.

The Fairy Cross provides connection and balance between the physical, etheric and spiritual planes, promoting communication between them. Staurolite also can be used to assist in the relief of depression, addictions and stress. An excellent stone for those wishing to stop smoking-mitigating and healing the effects. It assists in the understanding of the hidden behind such addictions and provides grounding energy to those who have used nicotine to anchor them to the earth.

Staurolite helps in grounding and assists in connecting with fairy realm.  It can be used as a tool to communicate with the animal kingdom.  Opens the inner eye ; help to find lost items.

Also known as tailsman of good luck.

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