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Selenite slab free form

Selenite is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It is a powerful healing and cleansing crystal that has the ability to clear, protect and shield your energy body, as well as the energy of your space.

Such large slab of Selenite can also be used to place on the altar to charge your crystals and placed your sacred objects on top of it. These Selenite are very clear with amazing energies. 

Selenite is a protection crystal and does not need cleansing.

Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum, and is composed of calcium sulfate that has been dehydrated overtime. The word selenite is derived from the Greek word meaning, “moon,” in reference to its gleaming white color. Selenite crystals are the largest crystals found on earth!

** pls do not stand on the Selenite slab as your weight may cause it to break!

* pls do not soak in water


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