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Resin Copal Oro 1Lbs ( 453gm )

Copal incense has a clean, light, woody scent similar to pine or turpentine, almost fruity or citrus at times. Some people say it is similar to a very light myrrh scent, or a combination of frankincense and lemon. It is great incense for clearing negative energies and making positive changes. An extremely positive and loving energy, copal can help one to feel more content and peaceful with life, but also can aid in making changes when life is not as wonderful as it could be. To use just sprinkle a few granules onto hot incense charcoal and add your intentions.

 Source: magicalalchemy.com 

This Copal has a sweet and husky resinous aroma and is useful for creating or enhancing happiness, celebration, invocation and protection.  Packed in round tin

* pls note that in order to burn the resin you need to use light charcoal tablet


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