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Palo Santo & Copal Incense Ispalla sticks from Peru

*  Authentic sacred wood with Copal Resin

About this item

  • Ispalla Incense Peru creates authentic natural Palo Santo incense sticks with Peruvian Artisans, harvesting sustainably and responsibly organic Palo Santo wood.
  • Wonderful aromatic Palo Santo and Copal Incense that has an earthy, musky and woody scent. Natural aroma lightly similar to sandalwood and white musk.
  • Made from Peruvian high-quality milled Palo Santo Sticks and Copal Resin. Sustainably harvested, rolled and sun-dried incense sticks.
  • Strengthen spiritual connections with Palo Santo & Copal Incense, relax and clear negative vibes from your aura, home and objects. Perfect match for Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, Tarot, Aromatherapy and Rituals.
  • All 10 incense sticks are 9.05 inches long, burning for 20 minutes to 30 minutes. The aromatic smoke moves in the air and little sparks are released by the Copal Resin

Whilst most incense sticks are made from normal wood charcoal and essence of the aromatic ingredients example Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Frankincense etc.  The smell from the incense is the essence not the actual wood or resins itself.

This Incense stick itself is made from pure Palo Santo sawdust compressed with resins in order for the incense to burn.  

Per box 10 sticks @$9.00

Offer purchase of 6 boxes is $36.00 savings of $18.00

Can be used to bring about Palo Santo aroma in your office and home and helps to protect your space and assists in your meditation.

💖 We are authorised distributor looking for Resellers for our Palo Santo incense, if you are interested pls write to us for more info.