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Oracle cards - Egyptian Star by Travis McHenry

The Egyptian Star Oracle is not merely an "Egyptian themed" deck, it is an authentic Egyptian Oracle utilizing astrology as it was originally practiced in 2400 BC with all Greek, Persian, and Hebrew influences stripped away.

The foundation of this deck is the astrology practiced by the ancient "star priests" of Asyut for divination and evocation of the 36 unwavering stars known as Decans (spsw.w in hieroglyphics). The cards are packed with information, transformative energy, and ritual magic details. Seasoned readers of the classic Tarot will find many parallels between the meanings of this deck and the cards of the Minor Arcana.

At the core of this deck are the 36 decans of Egyptian astrology. Each decan represents both a specific star and a deity. These are not the same as the 36 decans of modern astrology, although they are connected.

Deck includes a small metal Eye of Horus charm as a gift.


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