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Natural Honey Resins Chunky *RARE

Honey Resins Amber is harvested from a fozzlised tree resin. Basically Bees constructed their hives into a tree instead of a hung beehives. After sometimes when tree die, the Bees will find another tree to create another hives. The Honey resins amber are then harvested by the local Shamans / Orang Asli from trees that have collapsed on the forest floor.
Burning these Honey Resins brings about sweet smells of Honey in the room, transmitting negativities in your space to a positive energies. Adding sweet fragrance in your room for sacredness, purification and protection.

* To burn best use Electric Incense Burner or if you are using Charcoal to burn, pound into small pieces and place small portions each time as the resins is very thick, charcoal may not burn well.

** 30gm chunky