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Lemurian Smoky point 102g

Lemurian Seed Crystals Contain & Transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilisations and Energy grid links from the Earth to the Stars and other dimensions which are excellent for chakra clearing & balancing .They are excellent for dream works - go to sleep holding one Lemuria is said to be an ancient civilization whose consciousness was much more centered upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions than our current mentally-based modern world. Their deeper connection to their heart qualities allowed them to express unconditional love for the Divine and each other and enabled them to maintain a deep sense of connection to their Creator, their environment, and the whole of creation.

Lemurian crystals are extremely high vibrational stones that typically have horizontal grooves or striations that almost look like a bar code on one or more sides. It is said this is where the encoded wisdom is kept.

The Smokey Lemurian crystals offer some grounding to balance out their high-frequency. As well, they can help support you in your “shadow work” to clear old karma and integrate our shadow side.

source: tinyritual.com

estimated * 70x35mm