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Lay Lee - * Spiritual Counsellor * Sekhem, Reiki & Spiritual Healer * Crystals Healer * Numerologist

Lay Lee was awakened and made aware of her intuition during her teen age years. It took her quite some time to decide to follow her heart to go into her true path in Spirituality; to help others. She was further inspired to take this path after attending Kryon seminar – Melbourne in March 2014.

Friends have always shared their problems with her and sought her advice. They are drawn to her no nonsense yet compassionate energy and it usually leaves them feeling lighter with a positive attitude about moving forward and tackling their life’s challenges. Lay Lee was the National Champion and ASEAN Champion for Tae Kwan Do martial arts. She believes in discipline, working hard and helping others. She has held several posts in the Rotary Club, including the President of Rotary Club (Serangoon).


Learning from several Practitioners and Teachers on Meditations, Angel connections, Oracle and Lenormand card readings, Healings and Crystal modalities, her passion is more towards Numerology. She provides advise using her knowledge of Numerology readings and Oracle card readings to bring about clarity to all those who seek help from her, leaving them more confident and enlightened by her advice. All messages channelled are direct, loving and provide comfort to all who have consulted with her. Interestingly, Numbers to her seem alive in 3D form and 'talk' to her. She has won many 4D & Toto winnings by connecting to these numbers.

 (Decision Making/choices)

Lay Lee helps her clients get in touch with their inner voice so that they are confident in making their choices. She believes that it is always one’s free will in making choices in the path that one has chosen. She believes that in this spiritual journey, learning is ongoing and only when we’re open and accepting will we be able to recognise and embrace the wisdom of the Guru within.

She is constantly learning and enjoys many wonderful successes through her hard work and zest for life. Currently, her passion is helping people using her skills in numerology and oracle card reading. She does this by giving sound advice and guiding her clients towards making the correct decisions in their lives. Her clients feel the healing energies and get rejuvenated during a session with her.


Numerology reading: helps you to understand your challenges and looks positively ahead to the next phase of your life.

Oracle card readings: provide possibilities, anticipate problems and find ways to handle them, maximize opportunities, describe people and events, show comparison of alternatives. They help you to make informed decisions.