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Journal - Whispers of Healing

FEATURES 220pages Deluxe matte softcover with flaps

 by Angela Hartfield  Artwork by Josephine Wall

Express, explore and reflect on your inner and outer worlds to deepen, support, and enhance your wellness journey. Journaling has many benefits for the mind, body, and soul — and they are right at your fingertips. Let them flow through you, awakened by the magic of Josephine Wall’s enchanting imagery and guided by the lived wisdom of Angela Hartfield. Here, you have a soft and sacred place where you are safe in surrender, free to rest and replenish, and can remember the natural wonders of your whole and glorious being.

This deluxe softcover features premium-quality paper with lined and unlined journal pages where you are free to draw, write, scribble and more. The inspired messages and 44 full-colour illustrations welcome you into your journaling process and bring you closer to your healing truths. Whispers of Healing are speaking to you, always. Gift yourself the space to hear, honor, and embrace the love, nurture, and sustenance available for
you, now.