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Introduction to various Smudge Sage for Space Clearing

Preparing to Receive Abundance & Positivity for this coming Lunar New Year ?

Learn some Tips to attract and enhance positivity and Huat Huat energies to your house.

Clearing and cleansing your Home.. So many types of space clearing smudge available – Sage, Palo Santo, Resins, Essential oils etc .. what are their uses and how to use them?  

Introduction to various Smudge Sage for Space Clearing

Learn how to Cleanse, Clear & maintain positive energies of your Space. Learn simple and practical uses and steps in clearing and cleansing your home as well steps of preparing of getting ready to receive Abundance & Positivity into your house.

1. Learn how to smudge your space; tools to use.. what are the differences.
2. The various types of smudge available; Palo Santo, White sage bundle, Loose white sage leaves, Resins etc.
3. Timing? When will be the best time to smudge your space?
4. How often do you need to smudge your space?
5. After clearing and cleansing your space.. * attract positive energies thru essential oils & crystals

6. When do we keep the Lunar New Year Deco or do we continue to display them on the walls?

# I will share some of my personal 'interesting' experiences of space clearing for some of my clients with you.

** we will let you try out the different scent of the smudges that we have available; ( palo santo wooden sticks, shredded wood, incense, essential oils; white sage, dragon's blood, frankincense etc)

Energy exchange: $66.00
each participant take home a value pack worth $45.00
( palo santo incense cones x 2pieces, palo santo stick x 1 & loose white sage 30gm, one pack of Dragon Blood Incense 15gm estimated – 18sticks & Crystal Citrine , Quartz & Green Aventurine tumbled one each )

Workshop available on the following date:
Date: 24th Jan 2024 Time: 745pm
Venue: Qi New Age & Healing
42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896