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Fun & Practical uses of Pendulum Dowsing Workshop by Lay Lee

Fun & Practical uses of Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum is a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, especially a rod with a weight at the end that regulates the mechanism of a clock.

Pendulums come in a variety of materials including crystals, shapes and sizes. It is to detect energies of our surroundings and items. They are also used for Scrying to locate something that is lost or to decide between solutions.

=> Where does a Pendulum gets its answers and how does it work?
=> Connecting with your Pendulum
=> Programming your Pendulum
=> Samples questions we can ask
=> More fun ways of using Pendulum dowsing Including checking the energies of the crystals, making purchase decisions and many more

Will be conducting two workshops; you have option of either

15th Sept 2021 Wed ; 730pm ~930pm


16th Sept 2021 Thurs ; 3pm to 5pm

@ Qi New Age & Healing 42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896

Energy exchange: $77.00 ( Participants will receive a FREE crystal pendulum with pouch )

  • Due to Corvid restrictions, we can only take up to 4pax for the workshop and confirmation of your attendance only upon receiving of payment.

  • Contact Tracing SafeEntry QR code at the door Or TraceTogether Appsd and Temperature taking will be done.

  • Safe distancing of 1m from each other during the workshop.