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Danny Chu - Profile- Overseas Practitioner

My very first work experience was actually being a male model during my university studies. This has given me good pocket money then. Being well groomed and having a good physique are important requisite and it has naturally become a part of my life even now.

Like most others, I started work following my graduation from university. Armed with a degree and being an ambitious graduate, I started my career in the banking industry as a foreign exchange dealer before I moved on to sales and marketing, business development and product management in various industries. Climbing the corporate ladder was my only goal then.

In 2002, I picked up a book called ‘Cave in the Snow’ by Vicki MacKenzie; describing the quest of a Western nun, Tenzin Palmo, for enlightenment. I was so inspired that I continued to pick up books on Buddhism to know more. Enthusiastically I read about 20 books in 3 months! The following year, I went to BodhGaya, India to attend the teaching by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. There, I took the first step in my spiritual path by taking refuge and even turning vegetarian.

Eating vegetarian is easy but eating healthy vegetarian seems remote until I was introduced to Shojin Ryori, a Japanese vegetarian cuisine that originates from the Zen temple. Learning this art of Shojin cooking in Japan fulfilled every criterion that I needed to start a business on my own. I began to spread Shojin Ryori by starting my company called Enso Kitchen. Words spread, and with extensive media coverage each year, Enso Kitchen becomes well known in Singapore.

In Feb 2009, I suffered a heart attack and collapsed. I was rushed to the hospital where I had two stents placed in my heart arteries. Everyone was puzzled. No one could believe a health conscious active being like me would suffer a heart attack. Even the doctors could not find the cause except for my hereditary high blood pressure since young. But thanks to my healthy lifestyle, my road to recovery was brief and the doctors were pleased with my performance.

During this time, I came in contact with the traditional Chinese Metaphysics, Bazi. My teacher is able to decipher about my heart problem and even my surroundings. The problem with my bazi chart is that there is too much fire elements and being vegetarian could further aggravate the existing condition [as vegetable is wood element which produces fire]. It is also around this time that I learn about bazi and start taking meat. Strangely, my health has improved so much that even the doctor shook my hands to congratulate me though I didn’t share what happened.

Though a traditional Chinese Metaphysics, the way I was taught was rather interesting as it is not just about formula, it is also very pictorial that one could relate in daily life. Through practices, I realized that I am able to read a chart to help one understand the inherit energy or chi that shape their life. I think this is a useful tool and it is also important – as there is a Chinese saying 知己知彼,百戰百勝 (Translated as: To know one's own strength and enemy's is the sure way to victory) !!!!

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