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Crystal Quartz Point- Channeling Quartz 7-3-7-3-7-3 ** Rare

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In a Channeling Quartz Crystal, 7-3-7-3-7-3 has three seven-sided faces with a triangular face between each of them.  It is a very rare find.

These Channeling quartz crystals provide a connection with the Self and Universal Truth. They have a special energy about them that is sharp, clean and direct.

Source: arkansascrystalworks.com

=> These Crystals have seven edges surrounding the largest sloping face. These crystals are especially useful for obtaining information from deep within yourself or from sources that are outside of your normal realm. They can help you draw on the knowledge and information that is provided by the universe, and can aid you in getting help from a higher source. A channeling crystal can be used anytime you are seeking answers or help from outside of yourself. You must `listen' very carefully when using this crystal and realize that answers can come from many sources.

=> Sit quietly holding the channeling crystal in your hand and focus on or consider the problem or area that you need help with. `Listen' carefully but remember that the answer might not come immediately. Often, in the beginning you may find that you wake up some morning and seem to `know' what to do. When you are working on a problem, keep the channeling crystal with you as much as possible and keep it close at night. Sometimes that is the only time the answers can come clearly when you are just starting to open yourself.

* estimated 61gm; 45 x 30mm from Brazil

** this piece is very clear 

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