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Bracelet- Meditation & Transformation

Turquoise from USA

Turquoise is one of those crystals that are Rare to come by. 

Turquoise has been associated with the Gods for thousands of years in many civilsations around the world.  Some Native American tribes called it ' sky stone' or ' stone of heaven ' as Turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between worlds and give strong psychic powers to its guardian.  Wear or carry Turquoise to bring you closer to the Gods and bring you God-like traits such as Luck, Success, Fame, Creativity and Articulate Speech.  Turquoise surrounds you in a healing bubble of protection and lets only beneficial and prosperous energies to flow into your existence.  Encourages the free flow of Chi around the body.

Soiurce: Crystal Connections

Added Aura Quartz & Angel Aura


Wrist size: 15.5cm