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Bracelet Happiness & Confidence

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Rutilated Quartz is a gemstone composed of clear quartz with inclusions of titanium oxide, or rutile.  It is hardness 7, and the greatest abundance of gem-grade specimens are found in Brazil. Helps with Manifest Positivities into your Life!  This crystal helps to act as an energiser when one is fatigued and that it promotes clarity of thought and enhanced insight.  It is also said to repel negative energies and unwanted interference.  It has been recommended for stabilising emotions, relationships & mental processes

Sunstone enables you to connect with all levels of the Sun's energy.  When there is lack of sunshine, Sunstone is a worthy substitute. Sunstone also enables you to connect with your Divine Masculine energy.  This crystal also helps to bring about Joy and Celebration hence I added ... this bracelet with 

Carnelian is one of those stones that should be in every healing kit. It encourages curiosity and enthusiasm and is warm and energizing. Some like to use Carnelian to relieve their fear of death, while bringing an acceptance of the cycle of life. A good motivator in business, aids positive life choices, and dispels apathy. - stimulate metabolism, restores vitality & motivation, improve chances for fertility, helps with courage

* wrist size13cm