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Bracelet Anubis Protection

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Egyptian deity of mummification and the afterlife, usually depicted as a man with a canine head Ancient Egyptian God Anubis, who was revered as the embalmer of the dead and one who weighed the truth of the heart against a  feather to determine one's worth in the afterlife.

Anubis has the energy of a firm but kind deity.  He is of no nonsense and does not tell you what to do.  Connecting to Anubis to me is like having a older brother, who loves us very much and is always very protective of us.  If you need advise he is there to analysis the situation for you but will not force to follow HIS way.  

I Love Anubis and have been connecting with him even before I started my spriitual journey....  This bracelet is made with the intend to help you to able to better connect with him and to protect you in this journey.  

Crystal beads made up of Amethyst, Labradorite & Lava stone.  ( ** we will anoint the lava beads with Myrrh essential oils to enhance the energy of Anubis )

Wrist 14cm