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Book - Kryon Book 1- The End Times

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* Lee Carroll introduces channeled information from the entity known as Kryon. Kryon explains his work as the "magnetic master" on Earth. Kryon has an important message: "Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the glue that will bond our belief together.

This is my All time favourite book to read and have the ah ha feel...  The book helps me to realise many of my thoughts are true and with this book I don't feel alone anymore ... I felt so much love from Kryon and the affirmations.  This is only Book 1 though published in 2004, it is still relevant in today's context and time.  There are many Kryon book after Book 1, this is still the one I love and I continue to read it again and again....

I hope this book brings you peace and love as it did for me .. :)