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$$ Angel Citrine Huat ahh! $$$

Carry this mini Angel Citrine or place on your work desk or Wealth corner to Attract Luck & Abundance !  Helps to remove obstacles and improve confidence in yourself!

Citrine helps us to remove obstacles and remind us life is full of golden opportunities.  Improves confident and enhance one's manifestations of Abundance of Wealth.

c/w organza pouch

From Brazil

* pls note these are natural crystals have imperfections; we will randomly pick the crystals for you.

 ** Add On:  Crystal Empowerment Activation at $38.00 per set : Including Cleansing of Crystals and Program and amplify to Attract Abundance, Confidence & Luck.

Crystals activation and empowerment will be activated by Lay Lee.

Spiritual Counsellor  * Crystals Healer  * Sekhem & Spiritual Healer  *Numerologist