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$$ Abundance Citrine Kit Huat ahh! $$$

Place these crystals at your Wealth corner, Money box, Cashier's box, Work Area ; Attracts Luck & Abundance !

Citrine helps us to remove obstacles and remind us life is full of golden opportunities.  Improves confident and enhance one's manifestations of Abundance of Wealth.

Abundance Kit comes with : 

1.   Citrine Ingot x 1 estimated 30~35cm

2.  Citrine tumbled Rio Grande AA grade 8pieces estimated 50gm

*  Citrine Ingot- Assists in attracting Prosperity & Abundance,  Gold Ingots were very popular during ancient times and used as a form of currency.  This symbolises one has lots of Good Fortune & Luck.

** Add On:  Crystal Empowerment Activation at $38.00 per set : Including Cleansing of Crystals and Program and amplify to Attract Abundance, Confidence & Luck.

Crystals activation and empowerment will be activated by Lay Lee.

Spiritual Counsellor  * Crystals Healer  * Sekhem & Spiritual Healer  *Numerologist

* sizes & shapes may varies, we will randomly pick for you