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Raja Kayu engraved Laughing Buddha * Mi Lou Fuo pendant

Raja Kayu (血龍木王 /帝王木 /樹王 /神木) /King of Wood Raja Kayu or Kayu Raja (King of wood) is the Supreme King in the forest among all different species of trees, and therefore is commonly called King of Wood, or Saint Wood.

Raja Kayu will emit red light radiation when shine under torch light.  

It is believe that Raja Kayu is popular in helping to ward off evil spirits and negative energies.  Promotes good energies around our aura.

Mi Le Fo (弥勒佛),originally called Maitreya in Sanskrit (An old Indian language), “Mi Le” means kindness, and he is known and believed to bring happiness, hope, and brightness to mankind.

Mi Le Fo is well recognized and known as the Happy Buddha, the Laughing Buddha, and the Lucky Buddha.

* 30x30 mm

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