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Ispalla - 7 Days of Renewal Palo Santo Incense ** NEW

Per box 14 sticks @$8.00                                                                             ** Offer purchase of 6 boxes is $36.00 savings of $18.00

^^ Each stick has an approximate burn time of 50 minutes.

Premium Palo Santo incense sticks hand rolled by Peruvian artisans, made from 100% natural ingredients (powder & resin from wild harvested palo santo, plant powders and pure essential oils (varies per scent) is combined with sugar cane water). A lovely modern take on 7 Chakras, each packet includes 2x uniquely fragranced incense sticks per day of the week. The sticks can be distinguished by the different coloured bamboo sticks with each colour matching an explanatory daily chart on the back of the incense packet, reminding us to honour the vital aspects of both body and spirit on a daily basis.

Renew the vibrations through mind, body and soul, healing the energy and connection to others. Refreshes perception, cleanses the aura and connects the body to superior energy.

Ingredients: Bamboo stick, palo santo powder, palo santo resin, plant powders, essential oils (varies by scent), distilled water.

About this item

  • Ispalla Incense Peru creates authentic natural Palo Santo incense sticks with Peruvian Artisans, harvesting sustainably and responsibly organic Palo Santo wood.
  • Made from Peruvian high-quality milled Palo Santo Sticks and Rose essence. Sustainably harvested, rolled and sun-dried incense sticks.

This Incense stick itself is made from pure Palo Santo sawdust compressed with resins in order for the incense to burn. 

Can be used to bring about Palo Santo aroma in your office and home and helps to protect your space and assists in your meditation.

💖 We are authorised distributor looking for Resellers for our Palo Santo incense, if you are interested pls write to us for more info.


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