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Yu Jin - Magical Crystal Child.

Yu Jin is gifted in speaking light language and Channel Sigil. He is very in tune with crystals and energy modalities.  *  Come and experience his special healing to improve your physical and mental health.       

Yu Jin also provide services to help you to cleanse, activate and program your precious crystals.                      # Program your crystals for protection, attract abundance, for good health and many other possibilities. *  Get your beautiful and precious crystals restored and activated..

Services provided:

1. Crystal Healing for the physical & mental health : estimated 60mins. In this healing Yu Jin will help to heal and balance your physical body and mental through Light language, Channelling of Sigil, and activation of your body crystals within.  Get your Chakras and Aura energies healed and balance to the optimal levels!   # Essentials oils will also be used during the healing.

2. Crystals Empowerment Activation;  Unsure if the Crystals that you have bought or kept recently or for many years are emitting the right energies?  Yu Jin can help to check the state of your beautiful and precious Crystals.  Services including clearing & cleansing any crystals of external influences or old programming or intentions.  * Get your crystals Restore to its ideal “BIRTH STATE”;  * Re-program crystal and amplify its NEW purpose(s) and intent(s).  

** Activation per piece estimated 20mins to 60mins is required depending on the crystal.  If you have more than 3 crystals require empowerment, pls contact us for further discussion.

3.   Crystal Restoration; for crystals which are dull or simply is 'dead'. Yu Jin will assist the Return of your Crystals to its Essence and Energise tge Crystals to its optimal state.  He will generate protective aura over the crystasl & empower them.

** per piece may require 2 to 3 days for restoration   * For more than 3 crystals pls contact us for further discussion.