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Selenite Dagger/ Knife estimated 200mm length x 30mm width; 150gm

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Selenite Dagger are one of the classic tools used to clear the aura of negativity and bring in a divine influence. (Some use them to assist in detaching entities).

They can be waved around the whole body without touching it. As you move the crystal in different directions different parts of the crystal suddenly get clear or mist over. The wands are really comfortable to hold and don't feel "cold" to the touch.

- By placing the Selenite on any area of the body that is aching or sore will help relieve the pain.

- The Selenite Daggers are also excellent for cord cutting.

Selenite wands have very pure vibration.  They can be used to detach entities from the aura or o prevent anything external from influencing the mind.

 ** pls do not soak in water