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Rutilated Quartz Point 10gm R01

This Rutilated Quartz has growth of strands or needles of rutile within its structure, making it unique and mesmerizing. This piece has growth of Silver Rutile.  Rutile in Quartz helps to amplify the energies of the Quartz.

=> Encourage to speak words that heal and inspire

=> Protection against ill intend

=> Sweep across the body aura to draw off any unhelpful energies

=> Helps with Positive & Creative in expressions especially during job interview

Rutilated quartz used this during meditation and assists in connecting with the Divine to receive Inspirations. Helps to infuse your body with Divine Light energy and energise your chakras.  Strengthen your willpower and motivates you. 

Rutilated quartz is a very strong vibrational crystal that can help to our positive energies and aids in manifestation.  These Crystals carries etheric or angelic vibration to help you connect with your angels.

# Legend tells thar when a goddess's hair was cut the earth spirits couldn't bear to see it thrown away so they preserve it in stone, often Quartz..

 * 35x15mm

These are Natural Crystal from Brazil may have imperfections

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