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Danny Chu- Overseas Practitioner: BaZi Consultation; Available 13th to 16th February 2020

BaZi Consultation

Why a BaZi consultation?

Maybe you have just graduated from school and looking for a suitable career. Maybe you are contemplating to change your job or perhaps start a business. Maybe you are strapped for cash. Maybe you are facing some obstacles and feeling defeated. Maybe you are feeling lost in trying to take care of your family and career. Maybe you are in love and not sure if he/she is the right one. Maybe you are in a marriage and deciding if you should keep it. Or maybe you wonder when the right one will come along.

When you make travel plan to a foreign country for the first time, do you at least check the weather forecast and pack accordingly? Before you go for an important job interview, do you do some research about that organization and make intelligent preparation? When you want to make an investment, would you not do some study before you part your money?

In our life, no matter who we are, where we are, there are always decisions to be made. As information is king, it will certainly help us to make wise preparation & decision. Of course, there is nothing wrong to go through the long process of learning from mistakes. But with BaZi Destiny Analysis, it is like taking a short cut. It helps us to see our options.

Unlike popular belief, our destiny is not fixed and it can be changed. BaZi Destiny Analysis gives us an edge by giving us a deeper understanding of our strength & weaknesses and how to go about overcoming our obstacles & achieving our goals with the right mind, spirit and action.

As long as you are willing, you can bring about a change in your life. Are you ready to take the first step to make this change that will bring you closer to your goals and create a more fulfilling life? Make an appointment to have your BaZi Destiny Chart read.

Information needs to be provided:

  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Sex
  • Country of Birth
  • Date & Time of Birth [Based on Gregorian calendar]
  • You are advised to prepare a list of questions before the session. You can also indicate your area of concern so that the session will be more focussed

** book a session either 60mins, 90mins or 120mins

* Repeated clients $85 (60mins); $50.00 for every 30mins therafter.


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