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Danny Chu- Overseas Practitioner: BaZi Compatibility; Available from 13th to 16th February 2020

Life is like a tapestry, weaved together by a complex network.  This makes relationships intricate and challenging.

Going into business with like-minded entrepreneur or having intimate relationship with right partner would complement and uplift the overall quality of our life.  Yet on the other hand, involved with the wrong co-worker or life partner would mean unrest and face the risk of falling into despair.

But fret not now!  We have introduced our BaZi Compatibility Analysis service to help you grasp a better insight before any possible entanglement develops.  Be it a love affair or work-related alliance, you are better prepared through understanding mutual difference.  If you are facing such predicament, this BaZi Compatibility Anaysis service is designed for you.

Suitable candidates for this service:

*  Couples, who are in their courtship period, wanting to understand mutual expectations as their relationship progress;

*  Couples who have been together for a period of time and wanting to bring their relationship to further height;

*  Couples wanting to know if they should get married or remain status quo; 

*  Wanting to know the outcome or potential in doing business/ working together with others; 

*  Wanting to know if it is a reliable working relationship

Information needs to be provided:

  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Sex
  • Country of Birth
  • Date & Time of Birth [Based on Gregorian calendar]
  • You are advised to prepare a list of questions before the session. You can also indicate your area of concern so that the session will be more focussed

**  No restrictions to the questions asked.

**  Based on 2 charts.  Should there be more than two charts, the fee increases by 50% per chart.

*** book a session either 60mins or 90mins


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