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Oracle cards - Crystal Keepers Oracle * Unveil Wisdom from Crystal Realms by Adam Barralet

Around the globe, in realms beyond our world, exist the guardians of the crystal world. Beings that manifest as a recognisable personifications to guide and support us all on our path towards the greater good. You have been invited to step into their worlds and learn their teachings and wisdoms. Allow each guardian to meet you upon the threshold of change and teach you how to unlock the powers of their crystals as well as plants, animals and more so that you may harness their power today.

This unique oracle of 45 original artworks, gives you access to a new level of working with your favourite crystals. Allow the Crystal Keeper Oracle to offer you guidance and direction as they answer your deepest life questions in clear and profound ways.

* by popular Adam Barralet

** left two decks

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