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Necklace- Exquisite & Rare Golden Rutilated Quartz with Herkimer Diamonds

Sold out.

Beautiful and rare peace of necklace made with Rutilated Quartz disc wearing round your neck with Herkimer Diamonds to enhance the crystals around them.

Rutilated quartz is one of the many types of quartz that make up 12% of the earth’s crust yet the rarest to find. It is found in Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Madagascar and the US (mostly in areas around mountain ranges) and has many benefits to mankind. The mineral often forms needle-like crystal inclusions in an “imbedded goldish” structure. Rutile needles can be reddish, golden, greenish, silvery or gray.

Helps one to focus; lighten up ones' dark moods and offers relief of fears, phobias and anxiety. Believe to help to clear any evil powers are blocking your path to success, rutilated quartz metaphysical powers helps to neutralize their interferences. It is believe that rutilated quartz helps to counter the powers of magic and negative energies.

** one piece only; cannot order in multiplies.