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Moon Crescent Baryte / Barite

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Barite also known as Baryte enhances friendship, harmony and love. It initiates independence and motivation and is cathartic to the emotional self, allowing for release of trapped emotions and feelings, bringing calm and self-assurance. Barite assists in the renewal of intuitive energies, providing a strong, yet delicate connection to the spiritual world. A great piece for removing toxins from the body and to assist in recovery from addictions. Really nice pieces to use in healing work.

Source: healingcrystals.com

Baryte is a powerful stone to aid you with our of the body travel, commonly called astral travel or journeying. It will strengthen inner vision and is a strong stone to enhance dream recall.

It will aid you to learn what the imagery within your dreams mean, and how knowing this can assist you to live your life.

As your intuitive visionary abilities are elevated by contact with this crystal, you may begin to see structures emerging within your life.

This stone will enhance relationships of all kinds, and may assist when you are finding it difficult to be your own person.

Although it sets you free from those who wish to run your life, it inspires loyalty to others when this is in your best interests.


This is an enormously powerful stone, as it can cause both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra to be activated. But there are other reasons why you might choose to use it including:

  • Barite will attract high frequency energy, and this will create within you a more heightened field of light within your etheric body.
  • By the presence of the Baryte stone within your auric field, it may also aid in the clearing of blockages within these higher chakras.
  • Your psychic visionary abilities emerge from the pineal gland and this is located within the 3rd eye chakra.

Source: healing-crystals-for-you.com

From Brazil

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