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Hybrid Tarot Deck

We are please to support our Local Artists who have created Hybrid Tarot Deck.

The Hybrid Tarot is a 45-card deck ( limited only starterkick ) that is themed on combining the Tarot and Lenormand systems in a cohesive fashion.
* non starterkick only has 43 cards

The deck is further brought to life with each card dedicated to a deity, ascended master, angel, and/or elemental guardian, whose story inspires the illustrations.

The principal design concept of this deck is giving both the symbols of Tarot and Lenormand equal emphasis in the card’s overall look, feel, and narrative.

The Lenormand has 36 standard cards and recent authors provide 2 LGBTQ cards and up to 4 additional meaning cards. These 42 + 1 black card (joker) + 2 KickStarters bonus with Lenormand symbols are placed on the Tarot’s Major Arcana and Court cards. There is also a bonus card in the deck and Easter egg references to Astrology. There is also a 60-page booklet filled with oracle messages, combining spreads from different systems in a reading and some articles that would help you better appreciate the theme of this deck.

Co-authored by Justin Saw and Eugene Leong, the Hybrid Tarot (self-published in March 2021) is a cartomancy deck that blends Lenormand symbols and Oracle card reading with the practice of Tarot. Illustrated by Wendy Yu

** Each deck comes with 45-card deck ( limited only starterkick ), beautiful soft drawstring pouch, a eye pleasing pastel blue Pegasus design reading cloth and a manual to help you connect with the Deck.