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Dr She D Montford Reading & Healing- To Be Advise

Dr. She` (pronounced Shay) D`Montford, is a Teacher, Healer, Author, Promoter, and Activist. A former Qld business woman of the year she is the founding editor of several alternative magazines and owns Australia`s premier periodical for the occult and esoteric, Magick Magazine. Shé unique abilities are in high demand and she travels overseas regularly for consultations.

Due to this and her amazing paranormal abilities, She` was asked to be on Channel 7`s ground breaking psychic reality T.V. show `The One.` and has been a constant presence in the media since.

Whenever a story involving witches or anything to do with witchcraft crops up, Dr. She` D`Montford is often the first person the media contacts for an expert comment. As the editor of an international magazine on all aspects of `The Craft of The Wise,` and being recognized as a High Priestess in Australian witchcraft, this makes She` a leading authority on witchcraft in this country. Despite this there`s a catholic saint or two in She`s family.

Shé remains approachable and accessible.

Book your reading and healing session with Dr She D Montford, contact us at 9711 6843 or email us at Qinewagehealing@gmail.com

Dr She will be here in Singapore from 12th June to 17th June 2018.

** A introductory talk will be held on 12th June 2018 at 730pm; pls RSVP if you are keen to attend... limited seats left!



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