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Dioptase- 21x 9x 18mm

Lustrous, gemmy, green Dioptase crystals on matrix. Well formed faces. argest dioptase is 13mm in length.

From Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Dioptase helps you to let go of the past, through its vibration of compassion and forgiveness.  This crystal help to prevent one from living a full life to released through the energy of the green ray, which is embodied within Dioptase.

Release of Karmic relationship.  

It is powerful to aid you to heal your inner child as it will aid you to let go of undesirable emotions such as jealousy, hatred and anger. The crystal energy encourages you to see that you can allow yourself to have a life full of abundance, and that a rich life is available for all of you to experience.

This stone's vibration also stimulates the third eye chakra.

Source: healing-crystals-for-you.com


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