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Diamond Huang- Overseas Practitioner; Astrology; Available only on 13th to 16th February 2020

Astrology literally means "the Science of the Stars". It is a very ancient, but still important discipline that seeks the meaning and influences of the planets, stars and other celestial phenomena in our lives.

Astrology has found that there is a significant relationship between the heavenly bodies, which gives insight to our identity, our relationships and our place in this world. Think of it as a GPS to human destiny.

The astrologer will plot your astrological chart or horoscope, which is like a snapshot of the cosmic influences at work on a specific place and at a particular moment, that is, your very moment of birth. These influences will be interpreted by the astrologer, who looks for signs and respective meanings of the symbols in the chart. These help the astrologer understands your character, personality, relationships and what the future holds for you.

An individual horoscope is like a personal map; it is as unique as your thumbprint. A deep understanding of the cosmic influences is like opening a door into the deeper meaning of your life and its purposes. This understanding will aid you in your aspirations and motivations, thus making your life more fulfilling and whole.

* Details such as time,  date & place of birth are to be provided.

** Book a session of  60mins or 90mins or 120mins



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