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Crystals Kit - Travelling

  • Following Crystals assist in your Travelling by helping to travel safe, protection, balance emotions and to be calm in difficult situation;  Assists in patience and peace. Protecta against negativity and hostility. 

1.  Amethyst - Protective stone.  Provide calm, balance, patience and peace.

2.  Tiger eye,- brown color 3 small pieces; for protection, enhance luck and maintain wealth

3.  Moonstone- has been labelled the traveller’s stone. It has a long held reputation as a protective stone, especially when travelling over water and travelling at night. Moonstone can bring good fortune and is an all-round good luck stone. Calms emotions, deal with stress, upliftiing, calms stress.

4.  Rhodonite- excellent for balancing the emotions, and during traumatic times this stone can be used to calm you.  Imparts dynamic and positive attitude.  Lifts depressed mood and brings lightness difficult situation.
5.  Malachite-  is said to be the guardian stone for travellers. It is especially protective when travelling by air or on crowded highways. It offers protection from all kinds of accidents. Helps eliminate fears associated with flying. It is a great travel companion as it absorbs negative energy and pollutants.  Keep one in your pocket to soothe your nerves when travelling.
6.  Black Obsidian- Helps to calm anger and frustrations.  Can also be used to protect against negativity and hostility. 
** c/w velvet pouch


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