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Crystals Kit - Career

Following Crystals assist in your Career by helping to be calm in difficult situation; protection from negativity around your work space.  Useful in helping you have your emotions intact, ward off evil thought and attract luck and prosperity.

Adding Selenite for clarity and have insights at work.

1.  Blood stone - small dark green color; for calming & grounding, helps to remove obstables
2.  Tiger eye,- brown color 2 small pieces; for protection, enhance luck and maintain wealth
3.  Peach moonstone- peach color; for relief emotions like anger and depression, reliefs stress
4.  Citrine- gold yellow color; manifest abundance & prosperity
5.  Green Aventurine- green color ; helps to attract luck & prosperity
6.  Carnelian- dark orange color; helps in communications, wards off evil thoughts & calms temper
7.  Green amazonite-  2 small green crystals; stone of courage and speaking the truth, inspires writers and balancing emotions
8.  Selenite- white color; clarity , awareness and insight .**do not need to cleanse ; pls do not soak in water
** c/w organza pouch


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