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Cluster- Cavansite

Cavansite is a stone of transition through major life changes. It aids you to let go of faulty thinking and be comfortable in the knowledge of your actions.

It has a lovely heart felt energy, that is excellent to use in meditation.

It helps you to make sense of previous experiences, or life lessons that you may have had difficulty with in the past, and to optimistically and happily deal it.

It aids your ability to connect with spirit and is a highly useful stone for those in psychic employment.

It aids you to remember information gained from spiritual journeys, and facilitates the clear communication of messages from the spirit world.

Source: http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com

Cavansitte is a stone for purification and regeneration.  Facilitates conscious astral travelling journey and past life exploration

Place on 3rd eye to stimulate channelling and metaphysical awareness and combines this with pragmatic everyday learning and logical thought. This stone helps you to think before you act.

A protective stone, Cavansite shields a healer or past life therapist during a session.

** Metaphysical Properties: Cavansite is associated with intuition, psychic healing, channeling and protection.



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