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Citrine point raw 117gm ; 70x50mm * Record keeper

This is a special piece.... Found few Trigons pointing upwards toward the Citrine point  near the tip. 

Record Keeper Crystals. ... It is one or more small triangles (trigons) on one of the faces of the crystal. Sometimes they are indented, sometimes raised, but always an upward pointing triangle. 

Record Keepers are exceptional crystals for personal and spiritual growth. Some believe these unusual quartz pieces were programmed by Atlanteans, and that working with a Record Keeper can permit access to ancient, universal wisdom teachings.  The information contained within a Record Keeper can be useful for viewing and understanding one’s soul purpose, including the integration of lessons in this and other lifetimes.

The triangles of the Record Keeper symbolize the perfect unity between body, mind, and spirit. The shape also represents the Third Eye Chakra, which makes Record Keeper Crystals ideal for heightening intuition and psychic abilities.

Meditating or sleeping with a Record Keeper will encourage lucid visioning and receiving insight from one’s guides and angels. It is important to maintain pure intentions when using these powerful crystals, asking to be shown only what is necessary and good for one’s awareness or healing.

Source: Rubydragoncrystals.com

Citrine helps to manifest abundance and prosperity. Also known as the 'Merchant Stone', putting Citrine in cash register or money box or carrying it with you helps to attract abundance to your business.

Helps one to remove obstacles in Life.

Good for mental focus.

* Expect some chirping evident

** from Brazil


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