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Citrine Natural Point Channeling Crystal 7-3-7-3-6

This is a rare find Citrine Point not only have plenty of Rainbows it is also comes with rare Three sided side directly behind with Two Seven- sided face and One Six-sided face..  though it is not 7-3-7-3-7 this formation is still rare.

  • To work with Channelers to access our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels or otherworldly entities.
  • Creating a crystal grid incorporating Channelers at the cardinal points is a great way to work with them. You may make a small grid to hold the energy and represent a larger space. Alternately, you may create (cast) a circle large enough to sit or stand within, place the Channelers at the cardinal points, and optimally, hold one while working from the center of the circle.
  • Another great way to work with these crystals is to hold one and sit quietly and connect to the Channeling energy. This is the optimum method if you only have one Channeling quartz crystal.

Source: www.crystalgenn.com/metaphysical-quartz-crystal-description-channeler-or-channeling/

Citrine- Success, Abundance, Personal Power...  It helps one to feel optimistic and attracts abundance.  

Citrine assists in removing obstacles.

- 197gm estimated  85mm x 45mm 

From Brazil

** These are natural crystals may have imperfections.