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CD- St. Germain: The Violet Flame Justin Moikeha Asar

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Journey with Justin Moikeha Asar from Manu Merlyn to Maha Chohan Lord Germain. Experience Spiritual Alchemy, activate your inner Violet Flame of Transmutation and gift it to others as you embody the Crystalline Trinity of Saint Germain. See your life transform as ancient Mayan Healing paths blend with the Glory of the Violet Flame.

1. A Brief History of the Lord Saint Germain (7.19)
Saint Germain’s offices, Pathways, his Alchemy and the Rays of Creation. Role of the Violet Flame.

2. Activating your Violet Flame of Transmutation (19.14)
Activate your inner Violet Flame for Purification, Healing and Growth. Pass your gift to others with your newly active hands.

3. The 13 Articulations of the Ancient Maya & the Violet Flame (4.45)
Discover the in-body 13 Moons and take a step in Universal integration with the wisdom of the Ancient Mayan culture.

4. Saint Germain’s 13 Flames Healing Activation in the Earth Temple of Emerald Fire (36.52)
A journey to Purify, Balance and Heal with Saint Germain’s touch. Activate and embody all you can be with this powerful ancient technique.