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Bracelet Intuitively Connected

Mica belongs to the Silicates crystals.  It usually has shiny & reflective surface and found as in other crystals matrix.   Mica is common in igneous and metamophic rock and is occasionally found as small flakes in sedimentary rocks.

Helps to encourage positive thoughts and improve your productivities.  Improve perceptions in life and at the same time transformational.  Brings calm and relief stress.

Mica is a soft mineral hence not advisable to soak in water for long period of time.

Kunzite ( Heart ) is extremely spiritual stone with high vibration energies.  It awakens the heart centre and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication.  Radiates peace and connects you to Universal Love.

Kunzite induces deep and centered meditative sate and is beneficial for those who find it difficult to enter into meditation.  Enhances creativity.

* Added Aura Quartz & White Agate

 wrist size 14cn