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Bracelet- Five Element Stone Bracelet- (Lucky Charm Stone) 五行石/五行開運石

The Five Element Stone provides Natural healing and Balancing of your 5 elements thus bringing Harmony, Good Health, Success and Wealth. Wearing the five element stone bracelet, this can help to supplement any of the missing or weak elements and balance ones' energies. 

Five Element Stone are rare and it is found in Himalayas.  It comprises of jade, cinnabar, vermillion and gold.

The Five Element Stone is the crystal believe to be able to correct all  imbalances of one’s personal 5 elements as well as that of etheric aura. In Chinese metaphysics (Feng Shui), the 5 Elements are water, earth, metal, wood & fire. It exists in everything around us; our birth date & time, the 12 zodiac animals, place of residence & work etc.

The Five Element Stone with its all rounded strong consistent magnetic property (due to the crystallization process and cinnabar) is suitable for everyone; it helps balance the ones' personal 5 elements and that of their etheric aura.

When your 5 Elements are in balance it brings you abundance, good health, wealth, opportunities, good luck and career advancements. It also helps ward off negativity and believe to boost the immune system for the wearer. 

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