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Bracelet - Divine Bear Bear Hugs

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This bracelet designs I have added several high quality beads.. including Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz , Clear Quartz & White Agate.

To bring about Feeling the Divine Hugs and Love and we are not alone.  We are always love no matter what beliefs we are into...

Promotes Self Love & Awareness of your Truth.

Kunzite is extremely spiritual stone with high vibration energies.  It awakens the heart centre and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication.  Radiates peace and connects you to Universal Love.

Kunzite induces deep and centered meditative sate and is beneficial for those who find it difficult to enter into meditation.  Enhances creativity.

Moonstone ( Heart ) is a very gentle energy crystal and best to recharge by putting out when there is full moon rather than direct with the sun.  Moonstone can be used for protection during travelling and helps to bring good fortune.  Assists in emotional balance and brings about feminine energies.  Moonstone also opens our heart to nurturing.

Pink tourmaline is a gentle stone that is believe to connect with our heart and has feminine energies.  This crystal helps us to heal our emotional wounds and vibrates a soothing energies which brings about the feeling of comfort and safety.

White Agate for feeling calm and soothing. 

Wrist size 15cm