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Awakening the Psychic in You Workshop- facilitator Michelle Araujo

Awakening the Psychic in You Workshop

- Have you ever wondered if you are a psychic?
- Do you feel you have psychic abilities but are reluctant to use it?
- Would you like to sharpen your existing psychic skills?
- Are you open to embrace you own insights?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, this refreshing workshop may be just what you need!
We all have a 6th sense but like a muscle, it needs to be exercised in order to operate in full fitness.

This workshop will give you the tools to
 Prepare mentally and spiritually for psychic work
 Detach from fear and apprehension, the biggest blocks in any spiritual activity
 Develop you awareness and eye for detail, essential factors in intuitive development.
 Interpret your insights in a safe and constructive way
 Gain more confidence in your abilities

Come and give the psychic within you a chance to thrive and shine! You will leave feeling confident, uplifted and ready to rock your psychic skills!

Energy Exchange: Introductory price S$168.00 * Usual price $180.00

Date:  1st October 2018; 730pm to 930pm 2 hours workshop

Workshop will be held at our Centre Qi New Age & Healing 42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896    Contact numbers 9711 6843 ; email Qinewagehealing@gmail.com

FREE Introduction to Michelle services and workshops is on 28 th Sept 2018; 730pm~830pm
** To attend RSVP is required.

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