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Ancestral Transformation Workshop With A. Anura De Silva & Deron Ling

Ancestral Transformation Workshop With A. Anura De Silva & Deron Ling

Transforming Gross Ancestral Energy to Divinity through Vedic Astrology and Sri Vidya Meditation

Intuitive Vedic Astro Coach A. Anura De Silva & Deron Ling, Doctor in Holistic Medicine and Sri Vidya Practitioner come together to bring to you Ancestral Transformation through Vedic Astrology and Sri Vidya Meditation.

Healing Ancestral karmic debts caused by ancestors may seem to be a challenge to many of us. However, there is a higher wisdom as to why souls are born together as a family unit. These are to undergo lessons to evolve our souls through higher wisdom.

Vedic Astrology is able to reveal the effects of ancestral debts played out in one’s life as well as one’s personality. Anura shall be giving a talk on the impact of ancestral
debts in different areas of our lives, wisdom and lessons to be acquired through ancestral lineage in this life for our soul wisdom and growth.

According to HH Swami Shantananda Saraswathi’s Sri Vidya tradition, if we truly understand the working of our mind, we can change this whole series of ancestors’ debts around to benefit us. Deron Ling shall then take you on a transformational journey with a special guided meditation under the Sri Vidya tradition that activates a particular energy center to relieve us from this seemingly unending challenge in our life.

This workshop promises to be interesting and enlightening. Anura and Deron shall bring an experience to you to relief you of these debts in ways where it will be beneficial. Anura shall be doing an written Ancestral Karma report for you and email you the report before the workshop. You may be able to clarify on your report during the Q&A session. Therefore, your report shall remain personal and confidential to you.

About A Anura De Silva (Soul Healing):
Anura is an Intuitive Vedic Astro Coach. Vedic astrology has been a part of his life since he was young. When he discovered and realized his soul purpose as a Vedic Astro Coach, he exited the corporate arena to pursue his spiritual path. He has helped his clients gain clarity in their soul purpose and gifts in life. His readings have brought improvements in their careers, relationships, health and other areas.

About Deron Ling: Deron
Ling (DHM) is a Doctor of holistic medicine and Sri Vidya practitioner. For more than 28 years he has been teaching energy healing and meditation. He also has vast knowledge in other healing modalities and Vedic astrology, the Lime Oracle divination which is a dying art is his specialty.

Date: 1st December 2018 time; 10am~3pm ** For the comfort of our participants we only take in eight participants for this workshop.
Address: Qi New Age & Healing 42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896
Energy Exchange: $380.00 Confirmation upon payment. There is no refund in any circumstances. * Closing date 25th November 2018.

** Once we acknowledge payment we will require your birthdate, time, place of birth so that Anura can prepare your reading in advance. Rest assured all details shall be
kept confidential.

To confirm pls email to Qinewagehealing@gmail.com or whatsapp 9711 6843
or go to our website: https://crystals-newagehealing.com/collections/06-courses-classes

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