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$$ Abundance Kit c/w organza pouch

Place these crystals at your Wealth corner, Money box, Cashier's box or even carrying them with you to enhance your Career ; Attracts Luck & Abundance !

Abundance Kit comes with :

1.   Citrine - to remove obstacles and remind us life is full of golden opportunities

2.  Green Aventurine- helps to attract luck and abundance.  It is also a mystical stone of prosperity. 

3.  Pyrite- or Fool's gold helps us to bring prosperity to the home, business, and our personal life. Pyrite also shields and protects all forms of negative energies.

4.  Clear quartz- is a Universal stone.  Also know as Crystal Quartz or Rock Quartz as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It is a pure and powerful energy source.  It receives activates, absorbs, stores, releases and amplifies energies.

5.  Gold colored Ingot- Assist in attracting Prosperity & Abundance,  Gold Ingots were very popular during ancient times and used as a form of currency.  This symbolises one has lots of Good Fortune & Luck.

** Add On:  Crystal Empowerment Activation at $20.00 per set ( special discounted rate, usual price $30 per piece) : Including Cleansing of Crystals and Re program them and amplify to Attract Abundance and Luck.

Crystals activation and empowerment will be by Lay Lee... she is initiated with the Crystals energies and is a Sekhem Healer.

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